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Future Foods

Fine, Organic, Sustainable


What Makes Us Different

Locally Sourced

All our organic foods are sourced sustainably from local communities and support local economic development.

100% Natural and Fresh Ingredients

We believe in the power of nature and not in harsh chemicals or pesticides in agriculture. All our products are sourced organically.

21st century Processes

We want to make things just better. That is why we work with modern technology to have the smartest processes. From production, to transport to delivery to you!

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Boost Your
Immunity While Tasting Delicious Organic and Sustainable Food  

We believe in the power of nature, community and technology. 

We only sell products that we are convinced will power your health and foster sustainable development of local producing communities through modern farming technologies and smarter production processes.

Choose Your Products


We provide finest organic oils straight from the farm to your supply. 

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The future is gluten-free and we are strongly convinced of that. Soon, we will provide you with the finest gluten-free alternatives for the most delicious cakes and 


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Success has a different definition at Dunes&Trees. We know the value of people and resources included in all our processes. That is why we feel responsible to help and improve welfare in all of our local producing communities.

Buy Dunes&Trees - From now on forever!


Direct Delivery

One order and we manage the rest. Goodbye empty shelves, hello Dunes'n'Trees products!


Customized orders

Beyond our portfolio products we are always open to sourcing according to your particular foods needs. You are just one call away from the best choice of food products!


Innovative Processes

Smart technologies create better processes. We use smart technologies  to improve every step of the supply chain, from source to delivery to you.

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